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Be our Ambassador

Join our Ambassador Family

We would be very happy to have you on-board as our ambassador and let you enjoy some benefits from the Festival. We have special offers and discounts if you can help us spread the word and attract more participants to our weekend special. 

Let your students and friends know how much of good time they are going to have at the Festival! 

If you love festivals and travelling; if you are running a team or a school; if you have a bunch of people
around you all time, maybe you fit into this role perfectly.
We love to have you at our festival as we believe you bring in a lot of good energy into our festival!

LFM is aimed at bringing a 5 star experience to the dancers with its 5 star venue, luxury stay, delicious menu, great experience teachers with over 10-20 years of festival teaching experience over so many countries, Limited showcases and unlimited Social dancing hours. 

The ambassador program is to help dancers, performers help cover costs or earn a bit depending on how one actively promotes. 

Enjoy Benefits

Get Free Passes, Win Food Vouchers, Discounts on Stay, even Free accommodation and more.

Spread the word and let your friends, dancers, students book the passes easily using your Discount code! We will handle the rest for you.

Group Leader
Ideal for instructors and team leaders. You will be the one point of contact for your students regarding the Festival pass, stay and other queries. You will be our mediator for the participants and we will work personally with you to make your job easier. Be the face of the festival to your students and teams! 

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