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SALSA CAFE: Unspoken sides of Social dancing! #LFM2017

Come and join our SALSA CAFE and Hear our artists' ideas and opinions upon burning questions or topics. Following the success and positive feedback from the festival last year, we are resuming with the SALSA CAFE to bring the interactive coffee session between the artists and participants on sensitive topics.

The topic of the discussion:

Unspoken sides of Social dancing

Date: 23rd September 2017

Time: 5 PM - 6 PM

Venue: The Gateway Hotel, IT Expressway, OMR Chennai

It can be about any issues that one faces in social dancing be it hygiene of the dancers, creepiness on the floor, bad leads and follows, space management, dance shoes, choice of music by DJs, teaching on the floor, respecting distance and the partners, etc. The things that can be discussed can be endless! Throw your questions and let's talk it over a coffee.

Don't miss Salsa Cafe, as it is a very unique concept in South Asian Salsa festivals.

With Due respect, Thanks to the inspiration from the Olu Olu's coffee lounge at the Croatian summer Salsa Festival.

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