Frequently asked questions

Are the passes Refundable?


Are the passes transferable?

YES, BUT....

The passes are transferable for FREE to a person of your choice, until 31 August. Kindly let us know the name, e-mail and contact number of the person of transfer. The passes cannot be transferred to another person post 31 August. 

What does the Festival Pass include?

Kindly go through the table and choose the pass that suits your time and budget. 

Does the pass include the food?

  • We have passes without food (cheapest option);

  • passes with food (lunch and dinner) for only sat and sun at Taj;

  • passes with food from Fri - Sun (lunch and dinner) 

Is there any installment options?

YES! We will start the Installment options from Jan 2019 onwards. 

Is there any discounts or promoter offers?

YES! All group discounts and promoter offers start from Jan 2019 and valid only till 31 Aug 2019

Does the prices go up?

The pass prices go up by $5 at the start of every month. We stick to the deadlines strictly. No change in price for Stay. 

When the does the sale end? 

The online sale ends by 31 August. Post which all the sales will be at the registration desk at the festival. 

Is there a limit to the passes?

This is a boutique festival and hence we cannot take more than 240 passes. (120 men and 120 women each). The passes are confirmed only upon full payment of the pass price.  Any other means of confirmation is doesn't guarantee your pass.   

If you have more questions, mail us here