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A boutique festival that is warm, fun and fantastic.

Jehtro Lee


A festival for the heart! <3 The super skilled artists are noticeably selected for their warm social character, the DJs create constant new energy flows with their varied music, the beautifully chosen locations and full support from the organizers in the registration process and during the festival as well as a crowning finale in the Pondicherry getaway give you an exotic holiday feeling. 
Since it is a boutique festival with a limited number of people you actually get to grow together with the artists and participants on a personal level, making you leave with a suitcase of crazy great memories and lasting friendships. Some of the most memorable dances I've had so far are thanks to LFM and I count it to my best festival experiences so far. Looking forward to go back to that dance family!

Anora Willy


Small festival by the size but so hudge by the warm and love it carries!
Socials were so enjoyable to see everyone having so much fun, finished too early tho... We all wanted some more!!!
The whole team is so adorable, they take care of their guests and makes you feel like part of a family.
Venue is beautiful and very convenient, pool party was great.
Workshops were fun and qualitative and shows were great.
Friday afternoon in Covelong was very refreshing and fun! Lovely place along the beach! 
Awsome idea to have some daytime socials when no workshops.
I left a bit of my heart in Chennai... But i'll go back soon! 
Of course i'll be there next year!

Candice Braun


Doesn't matter who you are, artist, volunteer, team, participant, everyone is enjoying the festival and leaving it with a big smile. That's what makes the festival so unique. Feels like family. 

Julia Pauer


One of the most friendly festival I have attended so far worldwide. All is about improving your latin dance skills while having fun with welcoming and open-minded people. The Pondicherry gateway after the festival is a must try to keep on partying by the beach while deeper discovering Southern India. Every year the Latin Festival Madras welcome newcomers and the LFM family is getting wider and wider. But you will always have the same comfy feeling while being there. Just the love of sharing. The real spirit of dance lovers. See you there!



My first full festival experience, and it was amazing. Met new people, made new friends, shared a few many memories and laughter, danced almost the whole day, the after-parties, the food (had bacon and sausages after a long time).. with this having said, I hope I manage to catch this yet again next year for their 5th year..

Here's to Arun and Salsa Madras, proud to have been a part of the gang..

And yeah, Covelong brunch before fest and Pondy afterwards were simply superb idea..

Big cheers xx �

Rupak D


Big shout, bow down to everyone @LFM for such a wonderful and mesmerizing experience that's been inscribed in the heart till death. #3yrsplanning #wortheverypenny #wortheveryminute ... Wish I could give more than 5 stars to this amazing.

Siddharth Sharma


Expect unexpected at LFM people!!! It's fun, learning, bonding and more dancing. Can't believe that I dint want to spend on LFM, thinking it's a just festival in my city. Totally worth it. Thank you all for all the dances, and al the fun 😘

Rakhiqueen Chiroma


One of the best festivals you will ever visit. It gives u feeling of closeness, interacting and learning from some of the best artists in the world. Small in size, big on everything else. Never miss this.!! Must go festivals in India..!!

Vishnu Narayanan


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