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10 Days of Socials dancing Holiday Experience in India

10.Latin Festival Madras

Welcome to the 10th edition of India's Longest Running Festival and one of it's kind event in Chennai. Started in 2014, We have hosted over 50 International Artists from 30+ countries, organised by SALSA MADRAS. 

LFM is a Premium Boutique event with 5 star venues featuring International artists, Carefully designed workshops, Special Bootcamps, Performances by Internationally acclaimed dancers and student teams, lot of social dancing with the best of DJs from across Asia. Dancing by the sea all day, Pool Party, Theme Parties, Surfing, Lunch & Dinner Buffets, all-in-one venue, Luxury Stay are some of the unique highlights of the Festival. 

How 10 days?

3 days of the Festival; 4 days of pre-cursor parties before the festival; 2 days of Getaway parties; if you survive it all, a farewell party as well! 

We are also very humbled to bring so many legends to India for the first time, in our past events. Some of the legends who came to India for the first time at LFM were Frankie Martinez (US), Jimmy Bosch (USA), Joaquin Arteaga Tromboranga (Spain), Sara Lopez (Spain), G-ya (Korea), Nelson Campos (Guinea Bissau), Samuel FunFlow (Spain), Sophia Adalis (Morocco), Jonathan & Rizumu Shimakado (Japan), Theo (Ghana), Daddy Killa (France), Laurent Hounsavi (France), Ruben Lee (Mexico), Jane (Russia) and Mitch & Ellicia (Australia). Others who have been to the festival so far are Dotty Ujsjaszi (Hungary), Angela McFayth (Australia), Salsa Twins (Russia/UK) and more...


Premium Boutique Event

The Idea behind LFM is to create an experience that you will cherish forever. 
We call it 'Boutique' as we would like to limit the participants to only 300 (with a possible 1:1 gender ratio) to give a very personal & friendly experience. 

The Festival is a SBK Event (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba), that caters to Intermediate or higher level dancers. The focus of the festival is SOCIAL DANCING & LEARNING. Of course, there are performances, but limited to Artists and selective Team shows. 



30 hours
of Social dancing


1 Sep

Surf Turf

Surf & Salsa...

The opening day of the Festival, 1st Sep 2023, is in association with a beautiful Beach Facing Venue - SURF TURF. All day non-stop dancing, delicious food and to add a bit of excitement, you also can surf by the Bay of Bengal. If you don't know to surf, you can also book for group lesson and learn along with your fellow dancers and experience surfing! 

Salsa, Bachata y Kizomba

We love all of them and dance all of them! We promote love for all these genres and this sets up a friendly dancing atmosphere all through the weekend.

So, the festival has equal importance to all the styles with respect to Workshops, DJs, Teachers, shows and social dancing! You will have enough and more to keep you dancing all through the day and night! 


2-3 Sep

Vivanta Taj

All-in-one 5 Star Venue

All activities on 2nd & 3rd September will be at an all-in-one 5 star venue. Since our first Edition, we have been associated with TAJ VIVANTA, a 5 star venue located in the IT Expressway. To give you a wonderful, memorable and luxurious Festival Experience, we will have all activities for the weekend in one venue!

The workshops, the pool party, the theme parties, shows, afternoon socials, lunch and dinner buffets, coffee between breaks, post-party binge and more. We dance, eat, stay and have fun together, like one big huge happy family! Join us.